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Let's unleash your inner athlete and get you the results you've always wanted!

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We are all athletes

We are all meant to be able to run, jump, climb, crawl, squat, push, pull, twist, stretch, lift, carry, throw, swim, defend, dance, play and move in a multitude of ways easily and without pain.

When we can master ourselves physically, everything else becomes easier and our lives are enhanced beyond measure.

Our training will make you look good, but it goes far beyond something as superficial as that as the main goal. Bodygoals Fitness is about real world fitness that starts with your health and goes beyond the gym.

When you've been sat behind a desk for 8 hours and maybe in a car, or on a train for a couple of hours more, the last thing your body needs is to be sat down on a machine at the gym. That's why we use predominantly bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells and running. These are what have been used throughout history and with good reason - they work.

Reclaim your inner child. Move well, move more, move with joy.

Events and Challenges

It's not all about training. Sometimes we want to put our strength, fitness and skills to the test. Or even just use them to have a bit of fun. Whether it's walking up a mountain, climbing a rock or running a muddy obstacle race. Taking part in events and challenges helps to build a strong community that keeps us all on the right track.

Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy

Do you have pain in your back, muscles or joints? Do you play a sport and need to maintain your soft tissue health? Are training for or have you recently taken part in a marathon, triathlon or similar and in need of pre/post event treatment? Are you recovering from an injury or do you have a recurring injury? If yes to any of these, then sports massage therapy can help to get your tissue back to peak condition and ready for action.

Here’s What My Clients Say…

“I’ve trained with Chris through my 40s and now into my 50s - still continuing to work on my strength, speed and mobility. These vital ingredients enabled me to work for 10 seasons, into my 40s, as a full-time ski instructor. More recently, my training with Chris has enabled me to improve my tennis. Chris added sports-specific training to the mix and this has raised my competitive level. It’s been a win, win - both for my game and more importantly, for my health and well-being. Before I started with Chris, I was working out in the wrong way and picking up injuries. Chris’s up-to-date knowledge and professional skills provide latest insight into training methods and ideas. Sessions are always different in content - thought-provoking and challenging sometimes - but always on point. That’s what I enjoy.”

Angela James

“I’ve been training for few years now and have used few personal trainers in the past. Whilst each trainer has certain strengths, I must admit, Chris is the best personal trainer I have trained with. He is a “PERSONAL TRAINER” in its true sense. He is extremely knowledgeable ( Yet very Humble !), Patient ( Yet very tough !), and believes in lifestyle and long term fitness, rather than a standard quick fix approach. I have never felt so energetic and fit in last few years than I do now. His approach has been about working on all aspects of fitness including strength, flexibility, grip, core, running, climbing, endurance and his workouts are always interesting. Chris is extremely professional and disciplined and goes out of his way to ensure he checks on you when you are getting off track. He motivates you, educates you on importance of certain exercises you might not have enjoyed in the past. Chris has great knowledge on nutrition and keeps it very simple and realistic, something that you can follow as life style, not a diet. You can never fail with Chris and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to walk on the path of awesomeness and a healthy lifestyle. I have moved away from the old Back & Biceps, legs & shoulder, Chest and Tri world of commercial gyms and have enjoyed completely new and scientific exercises and lifts which I had never tried in the past. Every session is so well designed keeping overall fitness as the key objective which is just awesome. I take this opportunity to thank you Chris for all your help, and patience. I am grateful for all follow ups after the good / bad / or missed sessions and early morning calls where you have practically ensured I get up and turn up for sessions which I would have otherwise missed (It doesn’t get any more personal than that 😃) . The journey has just begun for me and I want to build on the momentum I have and would also like others to benefit, so I'm writing this recommendation.

Nikhil Chandarana