“I’ve trained with Chris through my 40s and now into my 50s - still continuing to work on my strength, speed and mobility. These vital ingredients enabled me to work for 10 seasons, into my 40s, as a full-time ski instructor. More recently, my training with Chris has enabled me to improve my tennis. Chris added sports-specific training to the mix and this has raised my competitive level. It’s been a win, win - both for my game and more importantly, for my health and well-being. Before I started with Chris, I was working out in the wrong way and picking up injuries. Chris’s up-to-date knowledge and professional skills provide latest insight into training methods and ideas. Sessions are always different in content - thought-provoking and challenging sometimes - but always on point. That’s what I enjoy.”

Angela James

“When i first began training i was a little nervous, but i was welcomed with enthusiasm. I enjoy training with Chris for many reasons – the atmosphere of the gym is great. Chris is highly professional and very helpful. I would strongly recommend Body Goals Fitness to all women and men from all walks of life!"


"Body Goals Fitness has an amazing approach to fitness. I have improved my fitness, gained more energy and feel 100% better than before i started. I can't thank Chris enough for his training and patience with me. Thumbs up all round"